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Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

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If you have a health insurance plan with high deductibles, you may benefit from using an HSA. Health Savings Accounts help individuals pay for procedures such as LASIK, which isn’t typically covered under traditional insurance plans. With an HSA, you can pay your deductibles without disturbing your budget. An HSA makes LASIK and other types of laser eye treatments affordable.

By setting up an HSA, you avoid the financial stresses associated with medical treatments like LASIK. HSA funds are tax exempt, and the money in an HSA trust can be used as reimbursement for expenses that aren’t covered by a high deductible plan. The money added to your HSA will roll over into the next year, so any remaining funds can be saved for future use. Health Savings Accounts are ideal for anyone wanting LASIK or other costly elective surgeries.

You will need to qualify for an HSA before you can begin saving. The IRS requires that certain conditions are met by individuals opening Health Savings Accounts. If you meet the requirements, you will need to find a trustee to set up your HSA. Commonly used trustees include insurance providers, banks, employers and any company the IRS approves of.

When you elect to have LASIK or other surgeries, a traditional insurance plan may require you to make payments until your annual deductible is met. The funds in an HSA would offset the costs of LASIK and similar treatments. You can make contributions to any Health Savings Accounts until you reach the annual limits specified by the IRS.

An HSA is a tax-efficient savings plan because the interest earned is tax free. Additionally, you can claim your HSA contributions as deductions. Your employer may add to your HSA as well, and the contributions won’t be considered part of your income. Because the funds in Health Savings Accounts roll over year to year, you can use them as part of a retirement plan.

Many people cannot pay for LASIK or similar laser eye surgeries. Health Savings Accounts make these types of procedures affordable for virtually anyone. By setting up an HSA, you can undergo LASIK or receive other treatments without struggling to pay for a steep deductible. Your employer may not provide HSA trusts, so it’s important to research your options. You may be able to eliminate many of the pressures associated with medical expenses by opening an HSA.


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